Steelium Technology bannar


An integrated supply chain characterised by consistent source of quality raw materials, futuristic technology, continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement and an exhaustive pool of highly-skilled manpower are some of the factors that are helping Tata Steel redefine the future of Indian steel.

World-class steel products such as Tata Steelium are manufactured at the Flat Products Division of Tata Steel. The Division constitutes facilities like LD2 and Slab Caster, Hot Strip Mill, Thin Slab Caster (TSCR) and a Cold Rolling Mill with two Galvanizing Lines.These ensure tailor-made chemistry for various applications of Tata Steelium.

Some of the sophisticated steel making facilities are:

LD2 and Slab Caster

  • Online purging stations for refining crude steel
  • Ladle furnaces and RH degasser for processing higher grades
  • Vertical bending slab caster which makes it possible to produce sophisticated steels with improved quality and productivity
  • Hot Strip Mill
  • Reheating furnace for effective homogenisation
  • High pressure water de-scaler for scale-free surface
  • `Edger` for width control
  • Unique Coil Box for temperature homogenisation from head to tail-end of the hot rolled coil
  • Single stand 4-hi Roughing Mill, coupled with 6-stand 4-hi Finishing Mill (FM) for desired thickness
  • Run-out table cooling strategy for desired microstructure and mechanical properties.

After passing through the Hot Strip Mill, the hot rolled coil is ready for cold rolling.

LD#3 & Thin Slab Caster:

Thin Slab Caster & Rolling Mill The Thin Slab Caster & Rolling Mill (TSCR) is the newest addition to the Flat Products Complex. The mill was commissioned on 14th February ’12 and is equipped with all the latest technologies to cater to different customer requirements. This is an integrated shop, where steel is made in the steelmaking shop (LD#3), then cast and rolled continuously. Unlike the HSM, there is no slab stage in this mill and thus, it reduces the time lag.
features to ensure best-in-class product:

  • Vertical Caster equipped with Liquid Core Reduction and Dynamic Soft Reduction for better segregation control
  • Calcium treatment for higher steel cleanliness
  • Mill capable of rolling thinner (1 mm min) and wider (1680 mm max) sections
  • Dynamic Continuous Variable Crown (CVC) Plus and Work Roll Bending (WRB) technology for better control of profile, flatness and contour of rolled strip
  • Dynamic Disturbance Compensators (DDC) for compensation of strip thickness faults
  • Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC) for roll gap adjustment & Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)
  • Edge masking on the run-out table for homogeneous mechanical properties

Cold Rolling Mill

Tata Steel`s state-of-the-art 1.85 mtpa Cold Rolling Mill produces cold rolled strips capable of being used in almost every steel-based product and application ever imagined. The Cold Rolling Mill incorporates the following unique facilities:

  • Continuous Pickling and Tandem Cold Mill for absolute scale-free surface and unidirectional rolling through 5-stand 6-hi mill (first time in India)
  • Universal Crown, AGC and ASC (auto gauge and shape control) for closest thickness tolerance and excellent shape
  • Electrolytic cleaning line and 100% hydrogen atmosphere batch annealing
  • De-humidified cooling units for absolute cleanliness, adequate mechanical properties amenable for forming and rust-free surface
  • Single stand 4 Hi Skin Pass Mill for imparting uniform roughness, removal of metallurgical defect called Luder’s band, improving the flatness of strip and oiling of the strip surface
  • EDT rolls for uniform surface roughness of sheet for uniform and superior paint adhesion
  • Unique automatic `coil master` for packaging
  • State-of-the-art testing laboratory for final certification of products