Steelium furniture

Tata Steelium for Furniture

Typical Applications :

Wardrobe, Cupboards, Filing / Storage Racks, Showcase, Book Shelves, Tables etc.

Reference Standards :

Steels for bending qualify as JISG3141:2005 grade SPCC. It can be taken as equivalent to IS513:2008 grade `CR1`.

This steel is more frequently termed as `Commercial Quality (CQ)`

Technical Delivery Condition (TDC) :

TDCs for this segment are TR15, HSF1, XT07 and XT08. A variant of TR15 with improved hardness is HSF1. The following table gives typical mechanical properties of these TDCs.

Steelium furniture table

**TDC for XT08 is routed through cleaning line

NA: Not applicable