Steelium general engg.

Tata Steelium for General Engineering

Typical Applications :

Stamping, Light Fittings, Transformers & Transformer Parts, Electrical Meters, Carpenter Tools, Bicycle Parts, Agricultural Implements, Stationery Items, Machinery, Lifts, Electric Generators, Lawn Mowers, Diesel Generator Parts, Lighting Fixtures, Fan Covers, Canopies and Blades etc.

Reference Standards :

Steels for general engineering qualify as JISG3141:2005 grade SPCC or SPCD. It can be taken as equivalent to IS513:2008 grade `CR1` and `CR2`

Technical Delivery Condition (TDC) :

TDCs for this segment are TR15, AU03, XT07 and XT08. The following table gives typical mechanical properties of these TDCs.

Steelium general engg. table

**TDC for XT08 is routed through cleaning line

NA: Not applicable