Steelium panel

Tata Steelium for Panels

Typical Applications:

Electrical Switchgear and Control Panels, Elevator Panels, Acoustic Enclosures for Gensets, Enclosures for Telecom Equipment.

Reference Standards:

Steels for bending qualify as JISG3141:2005 grade SPCD. It can be taken as equivalent to IS513:2008 grade `CR2`.

Technical Delivery Condition (TDC):

TDCs for this segment are PN02, PN03, PN04, XA31, XA37 and XA40. The following table gives typical mechanical properties of these TDCs.

Steelium panel table

*1 PLTCM trimmed, *2 EPA trimmed, *3 untrimmed,

**TDC for XA40 is routed through cleaning line

PN04 is ECL cleared material surface reflectivity >90%