These initiatives are structured to create opportunities for mutual learning and enrichment. The focus is to enhance the managerial and technical competencies of thecustomer’s senior management and production team.

We regularly conduct customer meets with a difference for sharing of ideas and mutual discussions. Suraksha, a safety awareness programme, was also launched to create safety awareness at our customers’ premises.

Steelium learning
Steelium interaction


These programmes are focussed on creating opportunities for meaningful interaction,for sharing of best practices and mutual growth.

Plant visits are regularly conducted for key customers.

Another powerful initiative structured around meaningful interaction is the Tata Steelium Vijeta Awards programme. This initiative recognizes the human contribution behind achieving high quality standards and creates greater synergy between the customer’s organisation and Tata Steelium.


The objective of these initiatives is to develop a stronger emotional relationship with the customer by appealing beyond the realms of a mere rational relationship. Also to collaborate with specific industry segments and work towards the overall benefit of the segment as a whole.

Celebration of business milestones along with the Key Account Customers go a long way to create a strong emotional bond and send a message to the entire organisation about Tata Steelium’s commitment to them.

Steelium networking
Steelium knowledge sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Objective of the initiative is to create a platform where sectoral specific issues are debated by knowledgeable industry leaders thereby giving keen insights into the process / problems / opportunities.

Steelovation is one such programme focussed on welding and painting – with an opportunity to assimilate knowledge from a wide spectrum of Industry leaders