Steelium service centre

Service Centres

ACE+ is a service centre development programme that has taken Tata Steelium`s service capabilities to the next level. The programme was the first of its kind in the steel industry and was implemented to enhance capability to deliver excellence in product and service customisation across a network of service centres.

Each authorised service centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and processes for world-class handling, storage and processing to deliver on the highest parameters of quality and minimise wastage.

Incorporation of Quality, Safety, Health & Environment (QSHE) parameters into the programme are focused at ensuring world-class quality assurance systems and inspection norms, with a spotlight on safety and the environment. Customers are also assured of on-time delivery with accurate documentation and the necessary certification.


Quality Benefits


  • Stringent Dimensional Tolerance
  • Least Diagonal Deviation
  • Flat Surface & Better Edge Condition

Customised Sizes


  • Higher productivity & higher yield for the customer by ensuring :
  • Availability of CTS, CTL & Slit Coils
  • Customized sizes as per the requirement of the customer

Delivery Advantages


  • Shorter order to delivery lead time
  • Availability of smaller lots
  • Complete and accurate documentation – well in time

Superior Customer Service


  • 24 hour availability via phone, fax & email 
  • Customer complaint management system
  • Application Engineer’s support for Customer issues
  • Communication regarding processing supplies

Damage-proof Packaging


  • World class packaging standards
  • 100% material delivered in packed condition
  • Customized packaging based on distance & storage time
  • No damage or impact on product during transit

Network of ACE+ Service Centres

Toll free No. 1800 345 8282

Steelium service centers map

1. Rakesh Steels, Faridabad

2. GR Gupta & Brothers, Delhi

3. Rakesh Steels, Faridabad

4. RS Steels, Faridabad

5. Sangeeta Steel Corporation, Ludhiana

6. Sanjeev Industrial Corporation, Faridabad

7. Punjab Agro Implements Works, Ludhiana

8. Bhagwati Steels, Chandigarh

9. Amit Iron, Kolkata

10. TSPDL, Kolkata

11. Sri Balaji Steel Traders, Chennai

12. Kummencherry Steels, Kochin

13. Thirupathy Steels, Chennai

14. Govindaraja Mudaliar Sons Pvt Ltd, Chennai

15. Ramsaroop & Sons, Bangalore

16. GK Steels, Bangalore

17. Naresh Steel Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

18. Rohit & Co, Ahmedabad

19. SKM Steels, Mumbai

20. SKM Steels, Indore

21TSPDL, Pune